Ministries Descriptions

In our parish community all are welcome. We hope you will find our parish environment supportive and loving… a place to grow spiritually… a place to put your faith in action… a place where parishioners are encouraged to use their stewardship gifts of time, talent, and treasure to be disciples of Jesus. Our parish would not be the same without our dedicated volunteers. Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet other parishioners and help the parish run smoothly. There are many ways to volunteer and many ministries in need of help.

Altar Servers Adults

This ministry is open to all adult parishioners. Altar server is a beautiful and sacred role. You assist priest and deacon during the celebration of the Mass. Training provided.

Altar Servers Children

This ministry is open to all children who received their First Communion. Altar server is a beautiful and sacred role. You assist priest and deacon during the celebration of the Mass. Training provided.

Arts and Environment

Decorating the church is a relaxing time exercising design according to the Liturgical Calendar. Our big times are Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. Times vary for decor and often will be on the weekend.

Baptism Preparation Team

The team assists the parents of children about to be baptized. The meeting is held to review the sacrament. What happens during the Baptism Preparation Class? We use “Hands On Approach” in a relaxed environment – lecture, dialogue, video, role-play and fun to enhance learning. Are you called to participate in this ministry and help with our baptism preparation classes?

Birthday Cake Sunday

Would you like to help with the purchase of Birthday and Anniversary Cakes in our parish on the third Sunday of the month? Can you help with set up and clean up of the coffee and cake for our parishioners?

Children Liturgy

Children Liturgy is the “Liturgy of the Word for Children.” Here Children participate in the Sunday readings and the Gospel at a level they can understand and enjoy. Our parish aims to make the children’s experience of church meaningful while helping them grow in faith and develop as full and active members of the parish community. Every Sunday two certified leaders help children from three years old and older to participate in worship with an active understanding. By using storytelling, prayer and fun activities, the children relate their own experience to the Gospel. Do you need more information? Email Catherine at or call 403 358 4530.

Coffee set up and clean up after the Masses

Would you like to help with set up and clean up after the Masses on Friday (Mass at 09.00 AM), Saturday (Mass at 05.00 PM) and Sunday (Mass at 11.00 AM – last Sunday of the month at 09.00 AM)?

Collection picking up (during the Mass)

The purpose of this ministry is to pick up the collection from people in the pews during the Weekend Masses (Saturday and Sunday). Instructions provided.

Collection storing (after the Mass)

The purpose of this ministry is to safely put away our collections after the Weekend Masses (Saturday and Sunday). After Mass, you would collect the basket from under the altar, empty the Little Church and lock all the funds away. It is an important role and takes just a few minutes. Instructions provided.

Collection counting (Monday mornings)

The purpose of this ministry is to assist in the counting/recording of the donations on Monday mornings. Counting & recording donations on Monday mornings is done by a team of 3 and it takes less than an hour.

CWL (Catholic Women’s League)

Why join the CWL? The CWL is the voice of Catholic women expressing their values and promoting dignity and justice for all. It is a gift of faith, friendship and support, offering leadership development and affirmation; giving members the opportunity to serve God and Canada. CWL invites all women to share their gifts and make a difference. While your presence at meetings is important, we realize that in this busy world it may not always be possible for you to attend or be as active as you might wish.  We are all at different stages in our lives and we understand. Be assured that your interest, support and your prayers are as important as your attendance!

Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers

The ordinary ministers of the Eucharist are priests and deacons. If they are present they distribute the Holy Communion during the Mass. If needed Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in the distribution of the Holy Eucharist at parish Masses and to the sick or homebound. Interested persons must be fully initiated (baptized, received First Communion, and Confirmation). If you will volunteer to this ministry, you have to be approved by the pastor. Training provided.

Fundraising Committee for the new church

The Land and Building Committee is forming a Sub-Committee for Fundraising for our New Church. We are looking for Committee Leaders and Support Volunteers for events in year 2024.


Our parish does not have the garbage pick up service and the recycling service from the town. Can you help with disposing the garbage from the church and with recycling paper and plastic?

Leading the Rosary

The rosary is prayed in the church before each Saturday and Sunday Masses starting 20 minutes before each weekend Mass. Would you like to help with leading our parishioners in this prayer?


You will assist in the upkeeping and repairs of the church. We will rely on people with expertise in their particular field for help (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. – handyman or handywoman).

Music Ministry

Music, a gift and a blessing from God, has played a very important role in Catholic Liturgy for the past two thousand years. The Music Ministry is a great way to deepen your knowledge of Mass, while helping the congregation to participate more fully in the message and prayers of our Liturgies. Whether you would like to lead as a solo singer/musician or as a member of the Sunday music team we would be excited to hear from you about what you would like to offer or try in music service to our parish. No previous experience or training necessary, just a smile and happy attitude.

Proclaimers (Lectors, Readers)

Proclaimers (Lectors, Readers) proclaim the Word of God at Masses and special liturgies. Skills in public speaking are helpful, but not required. You will be asked to understand what you are going to read, prepare ahead of time, prepare the microphone and read clearly. You need to commit to scheduling and to finding a replacement if you are not able to read on particular date. Training provided.

Projector and laptop operator

We project song lyrics, prayers and Mass responses during our Weekend Masses to help parishioners and guests in the participation in the liturgy. Have you ever wondered what happens “behind the scenes” to make this possible? We are looking for volunteers capable of using a laptop to help us during Mass. This ministry is valuable to our liturgies. Special training in operating our system will be provided. Can you help?


Sacristan sets up the vessels needed for Mass, the Roman Missal, the Lectionary (Book of Readings) and the Book of the Gospels, as well as lights the candles before the Mass and extinguishes the candles after the Mass, cleans and stores the vessels after the Mass. Sacristan also checks that the collection team is present, if needed asks parishioners to take up the collection, and checks that all proclaimers are present. Training provided.

Secular Franciscan Order

Perhaps you have heard of Saint Francis and the Secular Franciscans who serve in this world. If so, maybe you too, are being called to the Secular Franciscan way of life. There are 500,000 Secular Franciscans in the world. They are part of the Franciscan Family of Friars and Sisters who strive to live the Gospel in the Spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi. Secular Franciscans come from all walks of life. They are labourers, homemakers, professionals, workers, managers and career people. They may be single, married or a widow or widower. Young people eighteen years of age and older are welcome to join the Secular Franciscans. We meet as a Fraternity every month to replenish ourselves spiritually and to study God’s way through Saint Francis of Assisi. For more info contact: Liam (403 358 0343) or Catherine (403 358 4530).

Social Justice Ministry

Who are the poor? Of course those who are physically poor. But also the poor are those robbed of the ability to make choices for themselves – the choice for safe and clean water, the choice of a good diet to eat, the choice of an education, the choice of protection from abuse, the choice of medical care and more. Our Social Justice Ministry at Our Lady of Assumption encompasses all of these. Our goals include: to grow in knowledge of local, regional, national and international social justice needs, to share this knowledge with all parish members, to turn knowledge into action by showing mercy through our deeds, our words and our prayers. To turn words and prayers into deeds (actions) we need people to support or lead in any area that is of special interest to them.